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The Story of Skeleton Woman

The Story of Skeleton Woman is a tale that is open, skinless, raw, sensitive, a roller coaster of emotions. A tale of love, death, rebirth and hope. It requires you to bring your fishing rod and seek skeletons at the depths of your soul.


Skeleton Woman is an inuit tale made famous by Clarissa Pinkola-Estes' inclusion of it in her book Women Who Run With The Wolves.


To create Bones Songs' version of this tale I, Jade Moon, swam deeply into it's mysteries and meanings, with the help of the book - Women Who Run With The Wolves, my own life experiences and inner explorations. The result is my own telling, with a little added extra on the beginning.



The performance of this tale was beautifully enhanced by harp and song from Carolan Grzsenski, guitar and song from Boe Huntress and poetry from Susan Taylor.



After the story we offered an optional opportunity to explore the tale in meditation and discussion.

Please click the image to listen to The Musing Moon show on The Story of Skeleton Woman - hear interviews from the performers and music from the show.

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Mixcloud upload of a recording of the show

from the performance at Bogan House in Totnes, Devon.

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