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St Torneys Well texture earrings - Sacred Well Earrings


These earrings hang from sterling silver hoops and feature raku fired porcelain drops from Fired Earth and hand made, one of a kind, Spirit of Place texture beads made from Precious Metal Clay  by myself in my temple studio. The texture is from a sacred well in Cornwall called St Torneys Well, if you would like to read about mine and my little sons visit there, what we found, what meaning it had for me and how that has filtered into these earrings please visit my patreon page where there is a free post about it.


"Philosophy  filtered through the heart is like water filtered through rock - all  the impurities have been removed and only truth remains." is the poetry i found encapsulated in this place.


Earring hoops 1.5cm
Entire length 10cm

All copper on these earrings has been treated with lacquer to retain patina and shine.