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Sealskin Soulskin Earrings - Selkie Spirit Earrings

£25.00 (Sold out)

The beads on these earrings are made from Precious Metal Clay and, whilst still in their clay form where pressed onto a seal skull, This seal skull was gifted to me by a fellow creatrix, it was found beneath Brighton Pier and gifted to her, and she, after doing her own work with it, gifted it to me. To her the skull not only represented the seal but also the Selkie of folk legend. She is a weaver of ethical wool and makes beautiful earthy shawls and blankets...


Imogen was inspired to created a body of work in honour of the Selkie tales, the seal skull came to her at this time. So then to me comes this seal skull with it's own life still nestled in the crevices of the textures and more than this also whispered into those spaces are the selkie tales.

My personal relationship with the selkie was initiated by reading Clarissa Pinkola-Estes book, Women Who Run with the Wolves, in which she shares the story she calls Sealskin/Soulskin. She explores the tale as a Jungian analyst opening the story out for our understanding in terms of our own pyches. In these terms the tale is concerned with our ability to strike a balance between the spiritual and the mundane. I highly recommend this book, it has become a bible to me! I also recommned, perhaps more highly, her audio CDs called Theatre of the Imagination, her voice will both melt and ignite your heart.

And so... from these beads enspirited with both seal and the soul of this wonderful story hang turquoise, long associated with healing in many cultures.. From the turquoise beads hang kyanite, which is associated with the throat chakra and free speech, speaking our truth.

May the wearer of these earrings know how to navigate between the spiritual and mundane, may they speak the truths they find in either place to each. May they know also Placita - Place - Home, the place where the soul is at home. May they know how to access their own mysterium recouperate and rest and if needs be, bring back the story secrets found there, and speka them.

Measurements these earrings hang from sterling silver hoops 1.5cm in diameter, their full length is 7.5cm.