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Medusa and the Moon Necklace


Medusa in her deep past was associated with the dark aspect of the moon, she was once a sea goddess of astonishing beauty who lay with Poseidon in Athenas temple, the enraged goddess turned her into a hideous beast. This history of the narrative of Medusa is an example of the way stories are used to both rewirite paradigms and influeunce thinking. This piece celebrates her in her old aspect as well as her more modern one.

She represents all the wisdom of the dark moon, of small deaths and surrendered losses. She represents the dark cave, inner workings, dark rituals and silence. This particular dark goddess's manifestation is in relation to sexuality. Through her evolving story, which i will write more about in a blog that will be posted on my Patreon page, she has come to represent a female sexuality that has absolute autonmony. That, which expressed through a woman, does not have sex out of obligation, duty or simply to procreate. She is of herself and is beholden to none.

She is also a centred sexuality that has no singlular need for others and therefore makes no demand. Hers is a sexuality that can be self satisfied and therefore is not duty bound by need. This does not mean it is a celebate sexuality only one that, because it has no need for other can give freely when she chooses, but also be at peace in her own being without intimacy with others.

The snakes that come from her head are both a manifestation of her wisdom and a warning.

Meausrements and materials.

Medusa and the Moon is hung from brown leather cord finished with a hand forged S hook made from reclaimed electrical wire.

The entire necklace is 45cm long.

This pendant is made from copper and is treated with a lacquer to retain patina and shine.

The pendant measures 5.2cm tall and 3.5cm wide.

This piece is made to order so please allow a week for preparing her for you, she will then be sent out the Thursday after that week has passed.

As this piece was made from one of my own stamps it s not one of a kind and there witll be other similar, but never quite the same.