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Jade Blade and Fox bone necklace

£55.00 (Sold out)

This is a second hand piece as i made it for myself, now it's itme with me is finished i am willing for it to find a new home. The piece of jade was found and carved by a lady local to me here in Totnes, Devon, she is in her cronedom now and has many stories of her travels around the world gathering stones and carving them.

I was so excited to find this piece so elegnatly carved and it has served me well for the time it has been with me. The Jade represents peace and i call it the Jade Blade as it cuts through nonesense to find the peace beneath. It is hung from a fox bone, which for me represents the wtiches ability to shift form, and the fox itself represents being able to find alternative paths. It is all bound together with hand spun linen and nettle thread on to a lovely piece of aged leather thong finished witha hand forged S hook made from reclaimed electrical wire.

This piece as a whole represents ways to reach peace - not all situations are as simple as 'being peaceful' to find peace at times we must find alternative paths and know when to shift it to a different form that might be more beneficial.


The piece of jade is 5cm across at the top and 3.5cm tall. The entire necklace is 45cm long.