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Dark Moon Cave Goddess

£57.00 (Sold out)

The glass goddess on this piece was made by a local creatrix, Sue Robson, in her studio here in Devon.


If you would like to know the story of how i stumbled across the first 'imperfect' goddess and how she became to be know as such please read the public post on my Patreon page about it...


This particular Imperfect Goddess is black as black as black, a darkness so profound it speaks of the solitude of the deepest cave, the earths womb. She is a goddess of silence, of inner ritual, of hibernating in soil before the eruption of spring.

Above her is a bead made from Precious Metal Clay that, when still in it's clay form, was pressed on to an ancient cave bear bone. The textures from this bone have seeded the bead with the spriit of cave bear, who knew of the need for time in the cave.

Amongst the beads she is threaded from are two tibetan brass skull beads, to represent the death aspect of the birth, death, regeneration cycle. Also amongst these beads are two beans, or seeds, to represent that which is cared for in the dark, that which sits gathering strength in the soil to bring forth new life when the time is right.

Other beads on this neckalce include Amber for remeberence, so that we do not loose or way in the dark and, for earthly connection, horn of a grazing animal, whose feet stay on the ground and whose stomach knows only the fruition of the soil. All other beads are bone, the last thing to remain after decay, the last material memory of the life that was, the point from which La Loba would rebuild anew.


The goddess on this necklace is 5cm tall and 2.5cm wide.

The necklace is 81cm long.