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Connecting to Matter

£50.00 (Sold out)

The inspiration for this piece was born on one of those nights where the creativity is flowing and many  designs came at once. It is part of a series that in many ways connect together. It is a set of symbols exploring the idea of matter, and how we are related to it.

This goddess holds a staff crowned with antlers this staff connects her to the ground and to the sky, it is a rod that joins these two things at the point of her hand. This represents the bringing together of the spiritual and the material. Her hair is like the top branches of a tree another thing that connects earth - the physical aspects of this plane and air - thoughts and ideas. She brings together the spiritual and the mundane and represents the understanding that we are matter, we live in matter and we have to have a healthy relationship with it, this means with the things we create, with or own and other peoples and creatures bodies and with the earth itself. She holds in her other hand a bowl with a snake coming out of it, this has become, for me, the symbol of spirit within matter, the awakening of its spirit, the listening to and the connecting to it.

However i had  feeling with this piece that it would speak to people in a ultitude of ways so i opened the floor, so to speak, to hear what people felt about her. Here are some of thier thoughts...

Bounty, abundance, protection

Plant medicine; potent transformation in the brewing, divination with the forked staff.

balance, divine masculine and feminine, Kundalini

balance, fertility, abundance and a long journey supported by Spirit to manifest.

Gatekeeper to The Wild.

Medicine woman walking the path of Elen of the Ways. It shows her connection to the plant kingdom and animism.

darkness in the brightness. a dish of snake - medicine. the pitchfork, I don't know. Plant and animal elements.

This is a one of kind piece however it was made from a stamp that i created, meaning that the design can be used again, there will be more made using this stamp but each will be individal in its own way and hung differently.


The pendant on this pieces is 6cm tall and 3.5cm wide

It hangs at 41cm but can be lengthened a little if required.