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Cave Bear Spirit Earrings

£25.00 (Sold out)

The copper dangles on these earrings are made from Precious Metal Clay which, whilst still in it's clay form, was pressed on to a 40,000 to 100,000 year old cave bear bone found in the Ural Montains in Russia and impressed with it's texture. These pieces, now pure copper after being fired, are seeded with cave bear spirit.  The textures they bare a memory of it's wise body, a body that knows to fatten up for hibernation, that guides it without hesitation to the place where the salmon run. May the wearer of these earrings know what it means to be guided by their own instinct toward the resources they need for their endeavours. May it also remind you of the wisdom of rest and recoupertion.

Measurements and materials.

These earrigns hang from sterling silver hooks that are 1.5cm in diameter.

The entire earring length is 8.5cm

The disc beads are made of bone and the copper dangles from Precios Metal Clay fired to be copper and treated witha lacquer to retain patina and shine.

The wire is also lacquer treated copper.