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Cave bear bone touch stone for Protection - Protection Amulet.

£25.00 (Sold out)

A cave bear bone bound into a spell, this one of protection. This cave bear bone was fond in the Ural mountains in Russia it si dated between 40,000 and 100,000 years old. Bound to it with natura hand spun thread is a sea urchin spine - fragile but strong, porcupine quills for far reaching boundary marking, 'hair' from a palm tree - which I included for the drama of it but also as I makes me think of super long bear hair. The beads are one if my hand made copper pieces - copper for love, good to keep in mind with each boundary making and protection. A bone bead to represent the wisdom and protection of the ancestors. And a tiny clay bead for the earth and grounding, also knowing your ground and feeling safe and connected to it.

To get a better idea of this pieces size please follow this link to see it in my hand...


There are some contries which i cannot send bone to, so please check that you can recieve it in your country before checking out.