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Bone Woman Ancestor Imperfect Goddess


The glass goddess on this necklace was made by Sue Robson a creatrix local to me in Devon...


If you'd like to read about how i came across Sue's wonderful creations and the very first Imperfect Goddess please read my public blog about it on my Patreon Page...


This particular Imperfect Goddess speaks to us of bone, she is a reminder of times past when we kept the bones of our ancestors in sacred places, when we honoured the gifts they had given to us, in knowledge, in wisdom, in life skills.

She celebrates the 'imperfect' body as a body that has lived, that has born children, that has dug soil, that has climbed mountains. A body that bears scars, and has changed shape with age. A body often shunned  by our modern society, but i speculate as to whether this was so to our distant ancestors? I believe it was Clarissa Pinkola-Estes that said once amongst inuit culture it was said that if a woman could throw her breasts over her shoulder than she was considered very beautiful.

The copper bead above the goddes was made from Precious Metal Clay and imprinted with a mould taken from the rocks at High Rocks in Tunbridge Wells. High Rocks are huge pieces of granite, the cooled cores of volcanoes,  between which are many tunnels made by cracks in the rocks. Trees grow from some of the cracks, and moss and lichen grows all over them, it is both a dramatic and some how soft place. Evidence has been found that our ancient ancestors used over hanging rocks there for shelter.

The beads on this necklace are not symmetrical, they are perfectly imperfect. Amongst them are many other beads made by Sue Robson Jewellery, they sit beside, amber, bone, shell, seeds, clay, horn, brass and pale jasper.


The goddess on this necklace is 5.5cm tall and 2.5cm wide.

The beads are 69cm long.