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Beaver Totem Necklace - beaver skull texture amulet.


The texture on this copper pendant was taken from the top of the skull of a beaver that was gifted to me by a dear freind who recieved it in a box of old things that was gifted to him, i think the skull is quite old.

I took two moulds from this beautiful skull, one from the inside teeth and the other (this one) from the fissures on the top of the skull. To make this piece i then pressed Precious Metal Clay into the mould. I was truly ecstatic when i took this piece out from the mould. Usually the true beauty of a piece cannot really be seen until it is fired, brushed, patinaed and then polished, but i knew with this one that i had a true beauty in my hand as soon as i saw it, and now that it is finished my heart is truly bursting with the beauty of it both aesthetically and symbolically.

There is so much to see in this piece...i see a womans body and the lower face and beak of an owl, and i'm sure you may see more. Add to this the beauty that is beaver energy and you have here a truly beautiful piece of magic.

Beavers are a keystone species, meaning that their presence in an eco system is essential for many other species to thrive. When a beaver enters a space and builds it's dam it creates a pond that offers so much to the other animals in that place. Firstly it creates a resevoir meaning that, even if there is little rain, water is held there for all the animals to use. Also the pond itself creates a certain environment both within it's waters and arond it's swampy edges. I could go on but to keep this short you can watch this documentary to learn more about what beavers bring to their environment.


In short though beavers are being introduced back in to places in America where they were made scarce becasue of over hunting, and the difference they are making is no small thing. They are therefore a symbol for the rebuilding of our environment, they are an ally in returning the balance to nature.

Beavers are also excellent builders, they are hardworking and incredibly skilled at what they do. Young beavers learn for many years from their parents before the young males are ready to go off and find their own space to build in. They are an excellent animal world example of commitment to the task, to focus and conscious skill building.

Beavers are not only good at building houses (lodges to be specific) but they are also wonderful home makers. They store trees under their lodges for the winter - keeping a good larder. Their young stay with them for many years, as i have said, family bonds are strong. Not only this but they are welcoming to other 'lodgers' during winter. Water voles, frogs and other animals are not chased out but allowed to enjoy the saftey of the lodge in the cold times of the year, they even share their food stores with these fellow water dwellers!

With all of this in mind beaver to me is a symbol of diligence, hard work, determination and skill. They are symbols of good home - hospitality and good family bonds. They are also a symbol of hope for the work that must be done to return balance to our suffering planet. They remind us of the importance of biodiversity and healthy eco-sytems.

This piece encompasses all of that and will seek to remind the wearer of where these qualities lie within them.

It hangs from think leather cord which is wound with handspun linen thread and finished with copper grips hand-forged from recycled electrical wire. The leather is finsihed witha  hand forged copper clasp also made form recycled electrical wire.

Measurements - The pendant on this piece measures 6cm long and a bit over 2cm wide.

The cord is 45cm long and the clasp measures 2cm