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Balance of Opposites Pendant


A piece made from one of my own hand sculpted stamps this androgynous being holds things in balance, light and dark, sun and moon, masculine and feminine, right and wrong etc. Similar to Baphomet it offers the wisdom found behind accepting the apparent dichotomy that two things seemingly opposed can be true simultaneously.

It's creation was inspired by many things one of them being the conversations going on around gender at this time. I made this piece in support of anyone wishing to identify as which ever gender or gender combination, they choose. It is in celebration of diversity and the breaking down of stereotypes around gender. Each of us has differing blends of genders within us, some of us lean one way and others the other, some of us do not identify as either gender and others a both, one on one day, and another on another. I feel this is fine and im excited by the breaking down of stiff ideas about this, humanity is so fascinating in it's ability to challenge ideas and make new ones, i celebrate this in this piece.

Also for those of us who do identify with our 'biological' gender it is wise to know that we each have an anima or animus representing, in our psyche, the conterbalance to what we identify as, true wisdom comes from holding all things in balance.

Measurements and materials

The pendant on this piece is copper and is treated with a lacquer to retain patina and shine, it is 5cm tall and 3cm wide.

It hangs from brown leather cord and is finished with a hand forged S hook made from reclaimed electrical wire. The cord is 47cm long.

This piece is made to order so please allow a week of preparation time, it will then be sent out the Thursday after that week has passed. The decorative detial on each piece will be slightly different to make each one individual.