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Amber and Cave Bear Necklace


This necklace combines the magic of amber with the spirit of bear. The bead which the amber hangs from is made from Precious Metal Clay which has been pressed directly on to a piece of cave bear bone which is dated between 40,000 and 100,000 years old. It was found in the Ural mountians in Russia and sits in a bowl with many others on my altar in my studio. The clay, now fired and turned to pure copper, has been 'seeded' with the spirit of this animal, the textures still remember the movement of it's muscles, the pace of it's breath, and both the fierceness and gentleness of it's heart. A bear mother must combine both fierceness and gentleness to protect and care for her young.

The amber on this piece has in the depths of its being a pattern that looks like bark, much could be seen in it to the wild eye, it could be used as a scrying tool held up so that candle or fire lit could flit through it.

What will the bear spirit share with you?

Measurements and materials

The amber on this piece is 3.5cm wide and 2m wide it hands from copper wire.

The entire piece hangs from a light brown leather thong whihc is finished with a hand forged S hook made from reclaimed electrical wire.The entire necklace is 50cm long.