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"Most beautiful earrings, created by a very gifted artist. I love her original and ancient style. Wonderful! Thank you Jade. x"

"Absolutely gorgeous and unique piece! Thank you for this creation!"

"These beads are just beautiful, this artists work is full of soul and Spirit. They are a gift for a very special girl who is entering her Menarche and will be given

with a story that celebrates this transition and hopefully helps her find and celebrate her inner Goddess."

"I love these! What a gift it was to receive them so beautifully crafted and delivered in a package full of care and love and attention to detail. Very happy - Thank you so much!"


"A beautifully crafted treasure...unique and speaks with protection and power.

I ❤️ my Snake Spirit Bear."

mini Snake spirit bear bones

"Beautiful and powerful totem necklace. Gorgeously magical piece. Very nicely packaged."

Mama bear with bones

"Just used this piece on my Dream Circle altar...it was admired by everyone.

Wonderful craft."

"Truly beautiful work."

IMG_1469 mini Moon calendar earrings wings and fur mini silver calendar earrings mini regenerattion tree plain background mini menstruation beads words mini Rock watch on wood copy

" I have been working with White Horse Hill woman on and off this year.

She said that the copper moon pendant is her symbol, shaped like the hooves of her mares, and that she recognises us by our copper moons! "

A real magical treasure that I only take off when I bathe. I feel more aware of the cycles of the Moon, a draw that I felt strongly already, but now it is brought into my waking day. I find it easier to express myself with others, something I have always had problems with. My emotions are clearer to me and my conections deeper. Much deeper! Jade Moon inspires the hell out of me. I love her way. I love her work. It's a pleasure and an honor to wear one of her pieces.

mini Instagram Small granite moon instagram large granite moon

"...thank you so much for the amazing moons, the wonderful earings and card with your loving words. All so welcome! Received in my heart and soul. I will wait until my birthday...before wearing the moon pendant. Becoming 50 years old feels like an initiation and the pendant is symbolic for it. I am so glad I found you and your amazing artwork. Such a gift. Deeply grateful."

Moons on black Fern fossil pebble

Received your beautiful parcel... Am so pleased, many blessings and thank yous xx

"...thank you for my beautiful cave bear totem, I absolutely love the little copper amulet of the passage of time, very fitting for a long time astrologer and moon gazer! I look forward to introducing her to my Red Tent women when the time is right. I had a brief meditation with her and was filled with the concept of impermanence and fleetingness of all things. "


Thank you so much for your letter it really touched me. I will treasure the pathfinder and wear with joy, safe in the knowing whatever obstacles i face can be overcome. Deep gratitude to you as a woman, a weaver, and the magic you create.

mini plant magic bear with bone beads

I love her Jade, her still wildness and her wild stillness, her depth and her magic, the bear holding her safely, protecting and encouraging. She is so welcome. Thank you from the depth of my soul

"...the necklace and beads are pure magic, i'm completely blown away by how beautiful and powerful they are, thank you."

bone and amber tree whole

"... it’s just stunning and holds a beautiful energy. Bones, copper, roots, amber - the combination is gentle, inspiring and has a strength & depth to it that just shines."

Auttumn abundance bear totem insta

What beauty and wisdom. I look forward to journeying with her.


goddess of light and shadow necklace pendant

"Sitting with my beautiful Goddess of Light and Shadow necklace...

my first impression of it was total peace ... and looking at the imprint from the amazing Goddess Tree I saw a mother embracing a new born."

bear and fox totem

Sage smoke

Fire light

Stream song


Bright shadows


She is here

Bear Fox Woman


Thank you for bringing her into Being

feather fox etc

"Thank you so much, I will treasure them"

"...exquisite!! So so beautiful."

Silver goddess tree gypsy earrings mini Cave bear gestation hanging