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The Musing Moon Show is a programme i broadcast for about a year on my local communtiy radio station once a month (before my son was born). It was a place for me to pour all of the research i do into fairy stories, myth, culture and art, i chatted, played music, read from books and sometimes did interviews or had performers come and perform live in the studio.


It never ceases to amaze me how some of our most ancient stories are still relevant to us today and how they are still being told, even by those who may not realise they are telling these ancient tales, this is the inspiration that drove the show. It fascinates me to see how these tales are adjusted to fit the drives of the teller, artist or poet who puts them to use or to either support or challenge the ideals of our culture. The magic, to me, is no less powerful for it's changes, instead more is added to the complex weave of their symbolism.

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The various vessels of my thoughts...

Moonlight Musings

My Patreon page is my new blog space there i post videos and blogs about places i visit, the ways i work magically and practically, and insights into my processes. There are public posts there but if you would like more depth please do consider becoming a patreon and you will be able to view longer and more detailed videos of how i work with the materials i work with and how i explore symbolism and story in my work, you will also have my deepest gratitude.


Reaching my first 'goal', as patreon calls it, will allow me to explore ideas as yet unexplored and to get the last piece i need to complete my electroforming kit, which will mean that i can begin adding stones, bones and fossils to the PMC in a different way. I will also be able to electroform some of the fragile natural objects i have in my studio waiting to be worn be someone who needs them.


I am so excited to play with this new skill and add to what i can create.

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