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Jade Moon

  Once upon a time there was a girl who sang songs about the funeral of her not dead mother, she healed the broken wings of bumble bees and did ceremonies for lost lady birds. She told stories and scribbled made up letters to God before she could write, she refused to learn to read not wanting to understand sign posts. She had many names and many places that she lived.  She dreamt of witches often and was very afraid of them. 

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When she grew up she chose a name for herself and stuck to it, she learnt how to read and books became her best friends. She still lived many places and she still told many stories, but she stopped being afraid of witches. Instead she became one and others became her friends. Her dreams grew like trees and spilled their leaves from her mouth in endless streams.


  She became Jade Moon and learnt that the only thing for a woman like this to do in the world and be happy was to be an artist, to create and share her creations with others.