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  Jewellery is art, it is beauty and adornment, but on another level it's creation and use is spell making. A piece of jewellery can be given as a gift to seal a bond of friendship or love - metals, stones and other materials can be chosen for their symbolic powers. A piece can be ceremonial, worn for a certain occasion or rite, it can be given to mark a special moment in life, a rite of passage, a moving across or a facing of a threshold. This is what i have in mind when i create my pieces, to me jewellery is not a pretty frivolity but a contribution to the magic we create around us every day. My work space is a sacred place with an altar dedicated to the Goddess of Regeneration. I sit before my altar, light candles and take time before i begin my work. My day is punctated with drumming, singing and dancing to encourage the Earth Smoke to rise.


I do accept commissions, so if something you see here inspires you then feel free to contact me via the Contacts page and let's see if we can create something together

Earth Smoke pieces are made from re-purposed electrical copper wire, handmade one-of-a-kind elements created from Precious Metal Clay, found materials, bones, stones, leather, feathers, beads and shells. I make choices that reduce my impact, by re-using, re-cycling and buying locally when I can.

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Smoke drifts from the inner fire of matter, ignited by the maker and kindled by the wearer.

Earth Smoke

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