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Bone Song - Storytellers

For as long as i can remember i have written poetry, and for the last 15 years i have performed it. There is something i find incredibly moving about words spoken with passion, sincerity, wit and an understanding of the beauty of language. This is both on the level of meaning and simply through the power and resonance of sound. I feel that some kind of enchantment can happen between the speaker and the listeners, a willing entry into the world of a spoken spell.


  To me story telling has all that performing poetry has and more. The stories we tell as storytellers are often old, older then ourselves, sometimes older then our era. It is  with this age and these worn edges that they bring together all the tellers who have told, and the listeners who have heard, them before into the same space and time, into the same room, glade, tent or fire circle. Stories bring together the many lines of mankind, and what can be found in them is a wisdom that spans ages and continents. Sometimes that wisdom is cloaked in layers of symbolism and it speaks to our hearts or our souls rather than directly to our minds, but still it is there and both listeners and tellers absorb it.

Bone Song is a story telling collective creatively directed and orchestrated by storyteller Jade Moon. Each story is woven with creative responses from a variety of artists, much like a tapestry studded with glittering beads.

The Value of Story

"A rich and creative collaboration - thought provoking, evocative and beautifully crafted."

  Regardless of whether a tale is old or new it creates a world in the time of it's telling, a world with different rules to this, one where magic can happen and things can transform in an instant.


 Bone Song is born of a recognition that there are many art forms that can contribute to enhancing the magic of a story, they are a kind of enchantment all of themselves - who has not been transported to other worlds by exquisite harp playing, a beautiful song or piece of poetry.

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