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Bone Song Biographies



Susan adds the magic touch of whimsical poetry to any Bone Song telling. Her work is always thoroughly  researched, yet true to the mystique and emotion of the tales she touches.


She is a spoken word artist who has appeared in a wide variety of settings. These include a small ferry boat on the River Dart, in a yurt at Dartington during Ways With Words, up and down Totnes High Street during the Festival Lantern procession and venues further afield, including Bristol Old Vic, Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House, The Philharmonic in Liverpool and the Edinburgh Fringe.



As an ex-land worker, She enjoys reworking old folk tales for a new audience and her collaborative project, Reclaiming the Myths of Dartmoor won a Tarka Country Millennium Award. She has six published poetry collections, as well as a number of pamphlets. Most recently, her work has appeared in The Poetry of Earth is Never Dead from Picador, Domestic Cherry 3 and her 2012 collection, A Small Wave for Your Form from Oversteps Books.

Susan Taylor


Boe works as a musician and composer in different guises, sometimes writing for film, sometimes for review. She plays a plethora of differnet instruments including piano, harp and guitar, her voice is self taught, sweet and souful.


Her work, in the form that she enjoys the most, is songwriting inspired by myth and story. She is most interested in music as an act of re-membering. She feels that within the relationship of words meeting melody, spaces and states of being can be transformed, as music vibrates in the body and meets with our own frequencies.


Lyrically she feels drawn to stories as she believes they do a similar thing. At the heart of storytelling is an enquiry into the nature and meaning of life - myths and archetypal stories explore the unseen self. Together with music they can open a way, create space for words to come to life in the body as an experience.

Boe Huntress


Carolan Grzesinski

Carolan has an exquistely trained voice, high and clear, she brings delightful harmonies to pieces within the performances. She trained in music at Exeter University, but has been playing since she was 16.


She plays the piano, harp, guitar, ukulele and anything else that has strings.


At the moment she is training to be a midwife - learning how to bring life into the world is a very involving task, but ocassionally you can see her composing a song for fairies and their forgotten tales, singing to the selkies or evoking the amazing power of surrender.


She feels that...


"Fairytales are the stories of our times, the times past and the times to come. Infinite are their wisdom and interpretations that enrich our souls and imagination. Layer upon layer can be weaved, tangled and untangled leaving you in a place that is your place, the place you should be in to reflect and move forward. Music and story telling work beautifully together both are a story and a song, a teller and a singer, they enhance and enchant and dance together."

Boe on writing for The Story of Skeleton Woman...


"This story gets into you, right under the ribcage and beats a rhythm in your heart. It's a love-story that doesn't shy away from the rattling of bones or a thirst for the saltiest of tears, and this appealed to my senses - how to capture the sounds, smells, touch of it in song-form? In the end writing songs for Skeleton Woman came like the graceful dance of a seal, almost as if they were already written and fell into my hands from the snow-thick air. It's been a wonderful landscape to visit for musical inspiration."





I grew immersed in the natural waters

like the mollusk in marine phosphorescence.

In me sounded the crusty salt

forming my singular skeleten.

Hard to explain—almost without

the blue and bitter movement of breathing,

one by one, the waves repeated

what I sensed and trembled with

until the salt and the spray formed me.

The scorn and desire of a wave,

the green rhythm which at its most secret

set up a tower of transparency.

That secret stayed and soon

I felt myself beating with it,

my voice growing with the water.


Pablo Neruda

Susans feels that Pablo Neruda in his poem Tides perfectly expresses what wrting for Bone Song stirs in her...